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Imagine: first five minutes of an Oculus Rift / Tango adventure

Tango is running and synced to your Oculus Rift. You put your head gear on.

Everything on the screens is foggy. Shapes are slowly coming into focus...

Voices start to drift in: "This is madness! There's no way this is going to work! You had no right. I totally… Wait! Hold up! I'm getting something. The video feed. I see something. Shut up, all of you. Hello!? Hello? Can you hear me? Hello?"

Still looking around. you start seeing... the room. The walls are metal, there's storage crates… You're sitting on one.

"Hello? Can you hear me? Say something!"

Still looking around. Can't see much, looks like maybe a storage room.

"Quit looking around and answer me. Can you hear me?"

You speak: "Yeah, uh. Yo."

"Hello? Hello?? I don't think it's working. Answer me! Can you hear me talking to you?"

You: "Uh, I did. Helloooooo." Dumb game. Still looking around the room. Kinda cool, you guess.

"Frak." Quieter, muffled: "this isn't working. I don't think they're getting a signal. They're just sitting there. I don't think they can move."

You stand up.

"Oh! They can move! Wait! Hold up. Can you hear me?"


"Hello? Look, if you're talking, I don't think I can hear you for some reason. But I can see you looking around. I see what you're seeing, like through your eyes. I can kinda see the room you're seeing, but it's really fuzzy. Let's try something. Look up."

You look up.

"Frak!" Quieter, muffled: "It works! We have something!" Louder, directed back at you: "Can you hear me? Nod your head if you can."

You nod your head.

"Oh yeah! I think we got something. Shake your head for no."

You shake your head.

"Got it. I can't hear you, but at least we have yes and no. That'll work for now. What about the feed? Are you getting the visual data feed?"

No idea. You shake your head.

"No? Nuts. That's not good. Uhm, K, why are you still there? Why haven't you tried to get out?" Where are you?"

Dunno. You look around.

"You see a way out? A door or staircase? Look around and get me a better idea of where you are. Try walking the perimeter of the room."

You move around your bedroom. As Tango maps out your environment, walls and shapes come into focus. Furniture, plants, and other items turn into stacks of boxes, crates, or trash on the floor of a metal storage room.

"You see any doors? They might not be marked. Use your muscle memory. Where do you expect a door to be?"

You walk to where the door of your bedroom should be. You reach out, fumble around, find the handle, and open the door.

"I knew it! K, keep going. Let's see where we are."

You start walking around your house, exploring one room at a time, all the while being prodded by the voice. You go into the living room, the kitchen, even the bathroom until there's nowhere else to go.

"Hrmmm. Is that it?"

You nod.

"You sure?"

You nod again.

"Nuts. There must be a control or a panel somewhere to exit. Go back in that small room."

You go back into your bathroom.

"K, close the door."

You close your bathroom door.

"Check the wall for a control panel next to the door."

You touch the wall. Move your hand around. After a few moments a control panel appears.

"Excellent! Where are we? Look closer."

You look closely at the panel. It says "Ring 32" and has an up arrow.

"The rings!? Oh no. No no no no. This is bad. Wait. How did you? Ah nuts. Never mind. Hit the up arrow. Let's get you out of here."

You tap the up arrow. You hear a warm humming buzz while the room goes slightly out of focus with a blue glow. Then it stops.

"Let's go. C'mon, open the door. Let's get you out of here."

You open the bathroom door to see...



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