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Sneak peak: Cloudskipper 2.0

While the cats away, the mice will play... and so we did. While part of the team was off at Burningman the rest of us gave Cloudskipper a long-needed refresh. Shown here today is the new Folders view, Album view, and music player. We're embracing a flat UI / thin-font style that looks amazing on today's ultra-high resolution screens, while still maintaining the classic Cloudskipper look and feel.

You'll notice we removed the music controls from the library view. I didn't think they were necessary anymore. When we first made the app, it took several seconds for an activity to launch so the controls were critical. Not so today.

Currently, we're planning on making the Cloudskipper 2.0 update only available for Android 4.0 & up devices (maybe even 4.1). The main reason is we still have a lot of people using Cloudskipper on 2.2 and 2.3 devices and we're concerned the new design might dramatically change / take away expected features. Depending on demand, we may roll down to OS 2.3.3 after the initial update.

Cloudskipper 2.0 will be released shortly after the official Dayframe 1.0 launch so we can focus on user feedback and bug reports effectively for each app.

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