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Introducing earcandy.fm – my new EDM radio station

Very happy to introduce my latest media project, earcandy.fm.

Earcandy will be streaming a variety of Electronic Dance Music @ 320k 24 hours/day - except when I'm editing stuff (see below).

Listen now via iTunes, Winamp, WMP or other media player.

Typical radio stations (and radio station software) focus on hit-songs and heavy rotation, while electronic music stations tend to focus on a particular genre or mood. Both of these work well to allow users to tune in anytime and get the intended experience.

I'm doing Earcandy differently. I'm focusing on a full range of EDM styles & genres, trying to match music to what's going on at that time of day, match energy levels, etc. This means Earcandy will sound best for people in or near the same time zone (Pacific Time) as me. It's like pirate radio, except fully licensed ;-)

Weekdays will be pretty chill, weeknights more energetic, weekend nights are high energy and weekend days are afternoon house. It seems overly ambitious, but it won't just be me keeping the project going. Many DJ friends have expressed interest in doing their own playlists and live mixing.

Why am I doing this project? I have a few different circles of friends I've played for and everyone tends to enjoy what I play. I thought about DJing again, doing mixes or maybe a podcast. But my tastes are too fickle and diverse to be able to market myself, not to mention my age and overwhelming need for convenience. I figure making a internet stream was the best next step.

I've planned out some basic timeslots which I'll be testing and adjusting over the next few weeks. Here's the basic schedule:


It's a very bare-bones project at the moment so I won't have 99% uptime; probably more like 80-90%. I'm using a Mac Mini w/ iTunes being scheduled by Daypart and upstreamed using Nicecast to a Shoutcast server. My service allows up to 1000 listeners @320k. Music licensing is managed using StreamLicensing.

Daypart is the best tool I can find for now but it's prone to glitches and the developer made a point of saying it wasn't meant to do "real" radio stations. I'm still working on integrating Traktor and other tech into the stream - I just need to set up a server to convert ogg to mp3.

We're going to be working on Cloudskipper again shortly, so I'm hoping I can port it to be a desktop player. I'm very interested in creating an auto-DJ system for Cloudskipper which I can in turn use for earcandy. So as Cloudskipper's auto-DJ system improves, so will earcandy's automation and diversity.

Listen now via iTunes, Winamp, WMP or other media player.


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