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Introducing Dayframe, your fun and powerful new Android photo frame

We're very excited to announce the release of our new app: Dayframe turns your Android device into a powerful photo frame that works with your favorite photo sharing services to provide an ongoing slideshow of friends, family, and interests.

We briefly covered the new features in Dayframe on our site, so in this post I'll try to go a little deeper.

Use a Stand

First and foremost, you'll want to prop up your device so you can see it. That's essential. Docks are fine, but we personally recommend getting a solid, well-designed universal stand. We use these.



Get one for your desk at work and maybe your bedside, in the kitchen, or your family room. Mobile devices are going to be around for a long time, so a great stand is a safe, smart investment.

New Life for Old Tablets

We naturally designed Dayframe to be effective on the device you carry around with you, but Dayframe is also excellent for re-purposing old tablets. Set up your old tablet (on a stand) in any room of the house.

Dayframe in the kitchen

Dayframe in the living room

Dayframe in the bedroom

It'll be a photo frame that doubles as a handy web browser, remote control, and shared screen. Dayframe will add years to your device's life.

Photo Browser & Slideshow

The Photo Browser and Slideshow are a shared single activity. If you tap an image in the Gallery, it will open as a Photo Browser. If you hit play in either the Gallery or Photo Browser, Dayframe will start playing as a slideshow.

slideshow modes

Each mode has its own view. The Photo Browser has an action bar, a play button, and the social layer. The Slideshow has two modes: active and passive. The active mode has clock, date, alarm, and the social layer. After ten seconds it will switch to passive mode and the UI will fade back to just the photo details and current time.

You can tap the screen to go back to active mode, tap the user avatar to open their bio, and tap the captions to view the original post. Tap your device's back button to leave the slideshow.

Left and Right Side Menus

Dayframe has a double menu system. The left side are standard links to all of the view, tools, settings, and guides in Dayframe. The right side is a shortcut to All Photostreams.

Left & right menus

Just swipe from the outside into the center to open and tap the main "page" to close. Since our Guides are swipe based, you'll need to swipe from the far edge to open the menus. Menus are accessible throughout the app, except in the Photo Browser / Slideshow.

Timer-based Screensaver

Dayframe is designed to run itself as a stand-alone photo frame. We made a point of making sure you didn't have to manually check-in and turn on the app all the time. Of course nobody wants their device running 24/7, so we also created a screensaver timer so you could select what time it plays.

timer screens

The timer uses default power settings: only auto play when plugged-in, only if battery is above 15%, and only if WIFI is available (you can change these settings).

There's some smarts in the screensaver. First off, it waits ten seconds to start. This allows time for other apps and services (like Google's Daydream or dock mode) to start without Dayframe jumping in the way. Next, if you turn off your device when the slideshow is playing, it'll stay off and wait until you've turned the device on again. If it detects the battery is too low, not only will it stop playing, it will wait until your battery is fully charged (and your device left untouched) to restart.

Allow Facebook Apps

As a photo frame, Dayframe is obviously meant to show pictures of friends and family, and Facebook is a popular source for these. When you sign in we automatically add relationship-based photostreams to your playlist. If you notice missing photos from a specific user, ask them to allow apps to access photos in their Facebook settings.

facebook apps settings

Facebook has a habit of changing settings pages and layouts, so this is what it looks like for the moment.

Arts & Interests

Don't forget, Dayframe doesn't have to just be social feeds, you can also create photostreams of specific arts and interests. For example, if you're following Tara McPherson on Instagram you'll see her latest post in your feed. But with Dayframe, you can also create a Tara McPherson photostream.

This works for all kinds of topics and interests. These streams won't work like your social feeds. They're more similar to a reoccurring web page of pictures presented as a slideshow.

discover screens

To help users find cool stuff, we've added a Discover section with lots of category topics and example photostreams. We also add 2-3 photostreams per category selected during onboarding.

Built-in Guides & Support

The app includes a couple of quick guides for using Dayframe, along with links to our online user guide, FAQ, and beta community.

tips & tricks & support

If that isn't enough, we also included a smart email action: "Email Us Now". The email will come from your device and include essential information like device type, OS version, app version, and location. This is information we usually need before we can address a problem, so it save us all a lot of time. Just write your message - everything we need will be in the subject line.

But Wait There's More!

That was a lot of information, but there's much more coming very soon... in Dayframe Prime.

Enjoy using the app and please feel free to send us your feedback, ideas, suggestions, and bugs.

Download Dayframe now from Google Play. It's free!

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