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Introducing Dayframe Prime

We're very happy to introduce Dayframe Prime, our upgraded feature set for Dayframe.

While Dayframe has some good basic features, the real juice is in Prime. You get many more ways to customize and organize photos, so you get more variety with less work.

Custom Playlists

The primary purpose of Prime is combining playlists and timers together to play what you want to see, when you want to see it. With basic Dayframe you can only play all of your active photostreams at once. With Prime, you can now filter those streams into custom playlists, allowing you to mix and match photos for your routine and special occasions.

Combined with timers, you can create playlists for your routine: mornings, work, evenings, and weekend. Playlists also make it easy to create streams for special occasions like a family holidays, parties, and get togethers. A playlist also makes it easy to collect photos you and your friends may have shared through different services.


To give you a better idea of what's possible, we start you off with two useful playlists:

  • Facebook Family Photos - photo feeds of yourself, family, and your honey
  • Instagram Party Pics - get the most recent Instagram pictures from your current location

Facebook Family Photos is kind of a weird one. While Facebook was always about connecting with friends and friends of friends, family unavoidably came along for the ride. While not perfect, this playlist is meant to gather what your family is doing on Facebook: their feeds and tagged photos, including those of your significant other. This playlist also serves as an example and starting point for creating your own specialized family photos playlist(s) using more than just Facebook.

Instagram Party Pics is excellent for personal events. To make it work, Instagram users need to add Location info when they send their photos. But like our Facebook playlist, this is an example playlist. You could also create a new photostream / playlist based on a unique hashtag (i.e. #radleys_rager) and stream all photos using that tag.

It doesn't just have to be private parties. You can also use this playlist for social places like clubs, restaurants, salons, etc - they can show a stream of everyone who's hanging out right now - and none of them have to use Dayframe to do it. They use their favorite sharing services and you can use Dayframe to collect them together.

Advanced Timers

You won't want to have to remember to turn on and play all of your playlists all of the time. That's what Prime's new timers are for. With Prime you can now have multiple timers, enabling you to pick and choose which playlist to play when.


All Prime timers will also let you pick the days of the week for your screensaver to play, in addition to time of day. We've also added two new timers:

  • Brightness Timer - automatically adjust your screen brightness for days and evenings.
  • App Timer - lets you routinely launch apps on schedule. Handy for dedicated table top or regular bedside use. Rotate between Dayframe and an alarm clock, news feed, etc.

We're very curious to see how you guys will use them. Right off the bat, we figure you can make one for waking up in the morning and another for your desk at work (but only on weekdays!). You might also collect photos from a special occasion to share with friends later, or set up family pictures for the upcoming holidays. Lots of possibilities!

Current Local Weather


This one's pretty obvious: with Prime you'll get current local weather conditions in your slideshow from your choice of three weather sources: WeatherBug, Accuweather, and Weather Underground.

More to Come

Starting now, all of our new features will be introduced through Prime, some of which may find their way down to basic Dayframe. Dayframe is a wonderful, yet simple introduction to what's possible, but Prime is designed for much more playing around and trying new stuff.

These are just what we have today in Prime, but we have a few more features already in development. For example, as developers we've had to reinstall Dayframe too many times to count and it's a TON of work re-adding photostreams and signing into services over and over. To fix this, we've been working on cloud-based device sync so we can store and share playlists, sources, and photostreams between devices. We think this is a killer features, but it takes resources to maintain, so once this particular feature is done, Dayframe will go up to the the expected full price (4.99?).

We're getting a ton of request for shuffling streams. This isn't a light task - ever shuffle twitter on the fly? We're working on several ways to shuffle, as well as making shuffle defaults for playlists. We've also been experimenting more with docks and wireless chargers and plan to make Dayframe work smarter with them.

Finally, we're heavily focused on supporting Chromecast and hope to have something special for everyone before the holidays.

So that's it. There's a lot here. We strongly recommend downloading Prime as soon as possible. Not only will you get a great deal on the price, but you'll help sustain us to keep working on it. We think we have something unique here and hope you'll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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