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Cloudskipper 2.0b available through new Google+ community

For everyone who's been asking for a direct download of the in-progress version of Cloudskipper 2.0, we've very happy to announce Cloudskipper 2.0 beta is available in our new Google+ community.

The beta requires Android 4.0.3 & later, is pretty buggy, and widgets don't work. But if you want a peek, it's there.

We got lot of work done on Cloudskipper this fall, but couldn't actually release to the Play Store because it wasn't fully "done." Recently, Google added the ability to distribute beta versions of apps using Google+ communities, so now we can! We're hoping to get a lot of great feedback during our development cycles this way. Feedback and criticism is very much encouraged.

Visit the Cloudskipper community on Google+.

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