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Goodbye old friend… retiring my five-year-old portfolio

After five years, I'm finally retiring my old Flash-based portfolio. This portfolio has kept me well employed almost non-stop since it's inception back in 2005. The only major update was in 2006 when I converted it from static content to dynamic. It's built with Actionscript 2, XML, and SwfAddress for browser-based navigation (which was cuting edge back in the day).

Why did I keep it around so long? Two reasons - first I was busy. Very busy. Enough that I never had to make a new one. Second reason, I discovered that it was okay to keep an old portfolio around since it implies that perhaps I'm just too damn good to care anymore, like these guys.

Why so minimal? When I inherited the SilvaFUG website last year, I didn't have a lot of time to do a real redesign, so I cheated and threw together blue and orange text on white. Took maybe an hour. It looked fine at the time, whatever, but over the past year it has really grown on me. It just works: not only for my laptop but also really well on my iDevices.

Will I keep the look? Can't say for sure. But it's certainly something to play with...

You can view my old portfolio here.

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