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Cloudskipper v0.4 (dev)

Very happy to announce the latest update to Cloudskipper. Naturally we have a lot more we wanted to do, but we had to cut it off somewhere. In particular there's a couple of major UI updates that we want to get out and test. Here's a list of changes:

  • New large header display w/ album artwork, artist, title, next track, and source app
  • Clock display with day & date
  • New footer-based controls
  • Reorder-able application tabs
  • M4A and MP4 audio file playback
  • iTunes & internet radio supported (not fully baked, eats memory over long period of time)
  • New horizontal menus for video home and user pages
  • Most improvements are in Vimeo app
  • Larger type/fonts for HDTV display
  • Under the hood adjustments for video playback and screen management
  • App title headers moved to menu
  • Added "dev" to versioning

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