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AdobeMAX, one week later – my list*

* in no particular order and as brief as possible...

AIR is Everywhere

Not really, but it's circulating. AIR is definitely on Android, just check out any of the 50+ Android hands-on labs and sessions. And it's now on BlackBerry, especially the PlayBook (w/ AIR-based OS). It's also on Samsung's Galaxy Tab. And one of their... uh... Blu-Ray players. And a Samsung TV early next year.

The takeaway - by MAX 2011, AIR will be much closer to "everywhere" which will be awesome.

The challenge - will AIR be on PS3 and XBox?

Flash Builder / Burrito / Hero

These are the true-blue heros behind AIR's growing significance. Burrito is buggy but has a to-die-for feature: USB to Android deployment for testing. Couple of steps and my app is ON MY FREAKING PHONE! Pow! And the new Hero SDK makes my app feel more or less natural on my phone.

The takeaway - I'm making Android apps, stat.

The challenge - how to get Hero-based AIR apps on my real devices: my iPhone and iPad.

Tech Toys (aka Xmas came early)

First off, I never win stuff and I've never been to a conference where they unexpectedly give you something valuable like a smart phone. With that, the MAX surprise giveaways were out of control: a Droid 2 and a BlackBerry Torch in my hands, with a Playbook, Logitech Google TV, and Broadcom AIR for TV development box coming in the mail sometime before Xmas. All together more than the value of the ticket. Niiice.

The takeaway - gotta buy one of those multi-device chargers now. And it's good to be an AIR developer.

The challenge - Will this be repeated? More important, my BlackBerry doesn't connect to my WiFi...

The Future of Flash Video

The highlight of the sneaks was the new StageVideo API for AIR. Extra kudos: it's already available! After Meet the Teams, Tinic Uno deferred me to Matthew Kaufman for a low level overview on pulling codecs like .mkv into Flash. I also went out of my way to push several Adobe people on implementing codecs like Dolby and DTS into Flash. "Next year" I was told. Groovy =)

The takeaway - I need to lean about appendByte in OSMF. And FFmpeg...

The challenge -  Flash desperately needs to grow up from cat videos before everyone goes Silverlight.

Slapstick Keynote

Day two keynote was funny, like Saturday Night Live funny. I recommend:

The takeaway - way better than last year.

The challenge - please don't try to top it next year.

Random bits

AIR has built-in local-network P2P communication without having to use (and pay tons of money for) Cirrus

Folks were very happy about my updated Adobe Groups designs.

@Flex for Connect SDK - fun watching the presenters dance around naming or announcing a release date for Connect 8 - which came out Monday anyway. Yay, Adobe marketing! (sucks)

@Developing for Playbook - I tweeted a little during the session. Start seeing tweets by Renaun Erickson summarizing the same session. Moments later, I realize he's sitting next to me.

cacheAsBitmapMatrix - use it.

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