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We Choose the Moon


(nytimes.com) ...for the next several days a remarkable replay of the audio is allowing any Web user to experience the momentous 1969 space mission as it happened.

The as-it-happened audio feed between mission control and the Apollo 11 spacecraft is being streamed on WeChooseTheMoon.com, a presentation of AOL and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum.

I was less than one year old when the real first-landing occurred, and by coincidence my brother was born exactly one year later (so I always remember the date), so this reenactment is very exciting and personal for me.

I managed to catch stages 4, 5, and 6 "as they happened" and have been following the audio at work (people thought I was listening to a police scanner *heh*).

[Update] Stage 7 was on Sunday...

This Monday, July 20 will be the big finale: stages 7 8 through 11, aka the orbit around the moon and actual landing. I recommend tuning in.

I could only imagine ten years from now a complete and virtual reenactment ;-)

Link to project

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