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More Preface

Last fall I Started working on my first blog with the determination to help Flash designers overcome the banality of programming and learn to understand and embrace OOP AS2 (Actionscript 2) programming. Without going too far into detail, many things changed that caused me to re-evaluate that plan.

I've been working like mad in AS3 and Flex and expect to tap into AIR very soon as well. There's a part of me that wants to also talk about mid-to-high level tricks and solutions, which doesn't go along with the previous focus. Finally, since my previous blog, I co-founded Mixwit - an online social media platform that has raised many eyebrows.

So if you ever wonder why my posts seem completely random, it's because I'm trying to fill in holes in many different places and trying to relate my experience of designer/developer/media-professional...

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