About Me

I’m known as a “unicorn” because I can design and code professionally. I’ve been creating digital media since 1990, including print, web, video, Flash interactive media & media players, and I’ve been a top Android designer / developer for the last six years.

I recently enjoyed a successful run with my company, cloud.tv. We’re a Google Play Top Developer selected for Editor’s Choice a few times. Our most popular Android app was HD Widgets, earning almost $2M to date with over 1.5M paid installs. It was ranked #1 paid widget app and reigned among Google Play’s top ten overall paid apps for almost three years.

For fun I like DJing with friends, weekend hikes, and occasionally taking my car out on the track.

In a former life, I was known as Elemental.


Product Design

My favorite mental exercise is working out what a product should be. What are the fundamentals? What are the most efficient steps to achieve them? And what little things can we add to make it more fun and easy-to-use than competing products?

UI / UX Design

After making some really rough whiteboard wireframes, I go straight to prototyping in production code following a lean, iterative approach. This approach smooths out kinks in actual (rather than conceptual) layout and flow while allowing me to continuously develop the visual design organically.

UI Development

Top companies understand the benefit of a dedicated UI developer. We relieve coders of distracting design decisions, optimize UI code for uniformity and flexibility, and make a  product feel “finished”. Ultimately, we save projects an incredible amount of time and resources while producing a superior product.